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Spell House



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Woody.  Spicy. When motivation is waning, Ambition sparks enthusiasm and brings courage to go after our dreams.  Patchouli ignites passion while black pepper brings self worth and strength during challenging times. Use this incense for: motivation + focus. Pairs with: Aquamarine, agate, jade or tigers eye.   Affirmation: "I stand in my power and embrace positive change.  I am confident, capable and resilient.  I am worthy of an abundant life." Each tin contains: 20 incense cones that burn for 20 -30 min.  Cones are packed in a heat proof tin.  Burn cones in heat proof burner or directly on lid of tin.  Instructions: light the tip of the cone with a flame and allow to burn for a few seconds.
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The Wildwood Keep

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